Sunday, December 7, 2008

Source of the Quran

Question: The very first thing you should always do is look at the source of anything. The source was the new testament in the Bible. The Bible is thousands of years older than the Quran. The New Testament is 600 years older than the Quran. If you want to follow the one God you must learn all about him. The very oldest writings are not Quranic. Read the words of Y'Shua and you will hear of the love he had for you. And that we all are the children of our Father. Our Father does not say anywhere in the old or new testament that anyone is an infidel. To him anyone can be forgiven and loved. And our beloved Y'Shua so loved the world that he gave his precious life for us. In heaven they rejoice when a sinner turns to God. Not rejoice at ones death. God does not have us as slaves, he gave us free will like our own Father would. If God is Father to us all than we are all brothers and sisters to each other.

Answer: The source of Torah (Old Testament), Bible (New Testament) and Quran are all the same: Allah. He has sent Messengers, Prophets and Books for our guidance from time to time, because He loves us, and knows that we need help in this trial …. This life in this world…. and He repeatedly reminds us (specifically in the Holy Quran) that this is a temporary period of trial and then we shall be returned to an eternal life, and where we spend our eternity will depend on our beliefs, intents and deeds in the life of this world. Allah again and again calls people to repent….. To him anyone can be forgiven and loved! We all have time and opportunity to mend our ways, and purify our beliefs, thoughts and deeds. For help, He has blessed us with Holy Books. If you read the Holy Quran without any preconceived notions about Allah, Islam and Muslims, you will be surprised. The problem is, like all religions, the followers of Islam also do not adhere strictly to the Holy Book(Quran) sent for their guidance. Thus, they stray from the path, misinterpret verses out of context, and do things NOT ordained…. They may be causing pain and suffering to others, but the real loss is their own, as every soul will have to account for all its done, and that is because we have been given Free Will!

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