Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scientific accuracy of the hadith

Question: Well done! A fascinating exposition. Do the Hadith also contain examples?

Answer: Hadith are books written by humans........ they are prone to a lot of errors and memory lapses; scholars try to sift out the authentic, but even then, again its human work and subject to errors. Can't take it as an article of faith. I personally feel that since we have the Quran in its original form, why not concentrate on getting all spiritual information from it first, and then diversify to other books. Having been born in a muslim family, I've been blessed to have the Quran in my life all along, and I still find it to be an inexhaustible source of knowledge; as I age, and hopefully grow 'wiser', I continue to keep learning more and more from the same verses....... its just amazing how this book addresses all mental levels, and continues to fascinate and educate. Thus, I choose not to diversify yet. I do keep hearing different hadiths, I do read up books about the Prophet and his times, but I do know that all these are works of history, and just that.

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asma kazi said...

Samiya you have explained such a complex concept with such a simple and pertinent analogy..jazakallah!