Saturday, December 6, 2008

Story of Jesus

Question: Can anybody explain how was Mary/Maryam mother of Jesus/Isa a.s become pregnant??how long is the period of her pregnancy till she gave birth to her child Isa ibn Maryam??How about if we compare this story or we can say a history to this day when we heard a virgin woman become pregnant because of an angel sent by Allah to her n then she gave birth to a child?? would our next generations have faith to the story??

Answer: According to the Holy Quran, --- Chapter 3 Verse 59: "Verily the likeness of Isa, with Allah is as the likeness of Adam; him He created out of dust, thereafter He said unto him: Be, and lo! he becometh"Just like Allah created Adam without parents, so Allah created Jesus(Isa) without a father. Faith in a story depends on faith in the truthfulness of the source. If somebody believes Allah to be the true creator, Muhammad to be the appointed messenger, and the Holy Quran to be the word of Allah revealed to Muhammad for the guidance of mankind, then that person will have no problem believing the story of Jesus’ miraculous birth.You can read what Allah has to say regarding this in Chapter 3, Verses 35-62 This link will show you comparative translations of the original Arabic text:

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