Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why is Y'Shua worshipped?

Question: …. Can you say that God himself could not do this? He can do anything! The healing miracles that Y'Shua did were they not the same as Eliyahu (Elija)? But Elija is not worshiped today. Why is that? Enoch was raised to heaven why is he not worshiped? Y'Shua must be different then in some way.....

Answer: God can do anything. He is All-Powerful, All-Encompassing. He gave a miraculous conception, He let Jesus speak from the cradle, with His permission, Jesus was able to perform a lot of miracles. But, He has also given free will to humans, if some or many or even all choose to worship Jesus instead of God, God will not force any to revert to Monotheism….. remember this is a place of trial, we have been given Books containing guidance, Prophets warning us, a Conscience telling us what is right and what just cannot be right, and the Free Will to choose our own destiny, the destiny for eternity!

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