Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Crimes in the Name of Religion

Answer: These are people who are committing crimes in the name of religion. You, on the outside, are horrified by such acts in the name of Islam, and are terrified of it, rightly so. We, on the other hand, live in the midst of this blatant violation of the guidance in the Quran! What these elements have not been able to find or insert in the Quran, they have created / inserted / discovered in other sources, and practice it in the name of God. That does not justify their actions, neither do the numbers of the mobs make it correct. These are all gross violations of human rights. However, all of us humans are here on this earth, on trial, for a brief limited period of time, after which we return. God has promised Judgement Day and that justice will be established! Of course, that does not absolve us from correcting these wrongs here on Earth. In fact, it increases our responsibility and duty to spread the actual message of the Quran, hoping that sanity will prevail. Civil pressure groups and lawyers are trying to advice and implement corrections, scholars are speaking up and hope to bring about positive changes.
Please also bear in mind that all religions have suffered the tragedy of deviation from the original message, misunderstood and convoluted it into something terrible. Islam has also suffered thus. However, the arabic Quran is preserved in written form and in the minds of millions of people since it was revealed. That is the criteria that I apply to evaluate whether something is correct or not. You may have noticed that I present Quranic verses to answer or explain my point, which I believe is divinely revealed, and not Hadith which I believe are human efforts at compiling history and thus are replete with human shortcomings.

Question: Some of the people involved are priests, and some are students of Islam - do you think that these are people who are committing crimes in the name of religion? Again this is a straight question, I'm not drawing any conclusions at the moment. 

Answer: What's wrong is wrong. They may think they're doing right and may feel it to be their pious duty, however it is still wrong. How God will judge them is another matter, let God do that. However, it is important to speak up and point out that it's incorrect and inhumane. 

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