Friday, November 14, 2008

Allah is not God?

Q: Allah is not God. Allah is the figment of Muhammad's imagination. He was anArab idol who had three daughters. Muhammad used this Pagan deity to advance his goal of domination. It was easier for him to use a known Pagan god than introduce a completely new one. So he said this big idol is the creator andthe same god spoken by Jesus and Moses. Nothing is farther from the truth. Allah and the God of the Bible are not one and the same. The God in Jesus is the God of love. Allah is the god of hate.

A: If Allah is not the true God, and if Mohammad is the author of the Quran,how come the Quran is so scientifically and historically accurate? Quran describes scientific facts which have come to the knowledge of men only during the past century or so, how did an unlettered man such as Mohammad come to know of all this in such accurate detail? The mummified bodies of the Pharoahs were discovered only a century or so ago, whereas it is mentioned in the Quran that the body of the Pharoah has been preserved for future generations as a sign! How did Mohammad come to know of all this?Please don't believe us, check out these facts for yourself. Read the Quran,or the books which prove how scientifically accurate it is. Then, make your own deductions. Our eternity depends on our faith, thus let's make sure its correct.May the true God bless us all and guide us to the true path. Amen.

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