Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New things Muhammad brought that weren’t already in Christianity or Judaism

Q: I have never met anyone, who can tell me which verses he or she was moved by or found touching, or new things Muhammad brought that weren’t already in Christianity or Judaism…

A: Muhammad did not bring a new religion. He came to confirm the Prophets of old, to fulfill the prophecy, to purify the religion of God by removing all the falsehood and immorality that had crept into it and corrupted it. Read all the Holy Books of all religions, compare the style and the content, the mention of the Prophets and their people, and the language used to describe them. The Holy Quran stands out as the most pure and the most to the point. It does not reduce the Prophets of God to sinners and immoral people, it does not weave a story, it simply presents the essential true message of the event in the most pure words. Right at the beginning, we are told that this book, the Holy Quran, is a guidance for the pious, and the details given about such include a belief in the Prophets and Books revealed before…. Ofcourse it’s a confirmation that the earlier prophets were true messengers, and what they prophesized was true.
The entire Quran can touch your heart, or none will, all one can do is pray for guidance with a true heart.

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