Sunday, November 30, 2008

Are God of the Old Testament and New Testament same?

Question: If the god of the old and new testament are one god, he has changed drastically. Perhaps he learned from the trials of Job or from the near sacrifice of Isaac, perhaps he awakened to a new truth. I don't know. I only know that the new God knows Love. The new God IS Love.

Answer: To Moses was revealed the Torah, which contained the Laws. With the passage of time, though prophets kept coming from time to time, yet the followers of Torah forgot the wisdom behind the Laws, and the Law became blind…… the compassion, the love, the mercy, and the wisdom was lost on most….. people who followed became rigid and closed their minds, their religion was difficult and harsh, and it seemed okay to them. Then God sent Jesus to re-teach the Torah, to let the people know the immense love and compassion that God has for His creatures. But the followers of Jesus concentrated so much on the love and compassion part, that they forgot that he had come to confirm the Law, not to do away with it…….. that he had come to explain why it was important and beneficial for humans, but, unfortunately, we have two religions while both study the Old Testament.

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