Sunday, November 30, 2008

Conditional Love

Question: ...thus, god IS love, but you get utter destruction if you somehow cannot believe in jesus, it is a love that is very conditional.............

Answer: God loves us all, and that is why He has put us in this world to give us a chance to prove ourselves……….. He could have just put us in Heaven or Hell for eternity, but yet, He chose to give us a chance………. What we are required to do is to use our senses, our intellect, our conscience, and all at our disposal to discover the true deity and what He expects from us, and then to do so. Do all evidences point towards intelligent-design, if yes, who designed it, did He choose to communicate with us, if yes, how, through whom, and with what, are His words recorded for our benefit, is this an open-book exam??????????? I have been able to find the answer to all these questions in the Holy Quran.

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