Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Stranger on this Earth

Question: i am a stranger on this earth and have sensed it for decades.............but, i have no comfort when it comes to an understanding of why i am here and where, if anywhere, i will go at physical death............

Answer: We are all strangers, sent to planet Earth for a temporary abode, for a trial, an open-book examination. Our grades will depend on our deeds, not our achievements. Most scriptures of most religions speak of after-life, though the description and accountability vary greatly. I, being a muslim, believe in the description presented in the Quran, which is Heaven and Hell, and eternal life in either one based on our beliefs and deeds, based on all the evidences within and without us, and our ability to perceive, ponder and understand, in this trial period……. a brief century or less, which is absolutely nothing compared to eternity. I like to compare this life to exams taken by students at the end of their school term. Each gets a paper based on his/her capability level, and is marked based on the ability to respond to the specific situation.

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