Thursday, November 6, 2008

Modern Science would have been impossible but for Muslim discoveries?

Question: ....and showing that modern science would have been impossible but for Muslim discoveries

Answer: I do not agree to this part of the statement….. muslims or anyone else can only advance in science if they keep their minds open to question and research, education and the pursuit of the frontiers of knowledge…. Quran is not a textbook of science___ yet whatever it contains is the absolute truth___ we can attempt to understand the various verses commenting on the physical world around us in the light of science, but we cannot ‘do’ science by studying the Quran alone. What Maurice Bucaille and others have done is simply reinterpreted the verses in the light of modern science. That is the difference between our religion and other religions__ while our religion, Islam, is based on truths and facts, other religions are based on baseless beliefs.
We cannot compel anyone to belief in the Islamic belief system, what we can do is fearlessly keep exploring the frontiers of knowledge and truth, discovering and showing just how compatible the two are!

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