Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quran: the miracle of Islam

Q: The Quran is undoubtedly the miracle of Islam. I really think Muhammad was an incredible genius to “sell” a book with....Absurdities (the sun goes down in a muddy pond Quran 18.86)

A: The Quran is undoubtedly a miracle. Nobody has been able to make any changes in it over 14 centuries. It is locked in a grid of 19, and no alphabet can even be changed. No human can write a book for 23 years, portions at a time, and yet all portions put together lock up in multiples of 19! Scientifically, it is absolutely consistent with all proven facts; theories are theories by their very nature, they may or may not be correct, thus we must wait till the scientists finally discover and decide on those. After all, how can the Creator not know the science of what He Himself has created?
Absurdities? No, it’s the impression of the person, ZulQarnain, about whom Allah is telling us about. He, when he sees the sun setting on the horizon, thinks it so. Where Allah is talking about the Sun elsewhere in the Quran, He gives an accurate description of a heavenly body moving in space in its fixed path.

Update [October 27, 2016]

Dhu al Qarnayn visited the Polar Regions?

Excerpts from the above:

Travel 1: Hence, based upon the three key features: disappearing Sunwarm waters and people near it, I think the only place on Earth that exhibits all three features is the North Pole and the region surrounding it, i.e. the Arctic. 

Travel 2: Hence, based upon the three key natural features: rising Sun, land and no protection from the Sun, I think the only place on Earth that exhibits all three features is the South Pole and the region surrounding it, i.e. the Antarctic Circle. 

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