Monday, November 24, 2008

I converted to Islam without studying it

Q: When I proposed to my fiancé, she wanted me to convert to Islam, which I did. I realize now that it was not wise to convert to a religion, which I hardly knew anything about. So I converted to Islam without studying it carefully.

A: Well, you’re right but past is past. Now that you have begun your journey of discovery, do study thoroughly and with an open mind. My formula is: first study nature and wonder whether all this is mere chance or is there intelligent design behind it. Then, logically, who designed it? And then, if there is a designer, or can there be more than one? Has the designer chosen to speak to humanity? If yes, search all the holy books of all religions, and test them all on the basis of morality(your God-gifted conscience will guide you there), scientific accuracy, mathematical accuracy, justice, compassion, love, rights and privileges, and all other standards that you can think of.

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