Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Study from original sources

Q: A few years ago, I mentioned to my wife that all news about Islam was so negative that I wondered what Islam really teaches. She told me there were no secrets and that everything was written in the books. Of course, I had Muslims confirm that these were the best sources and I could buy them from online Islamic bookstores. I searched the Internet to make a list of original source-books on Islam and I purchased these books. I have read the following 20 books:
1. The Quran
2. The authentic traditions of Muhammad (Sahih Hadith) by Bukhari: 9 books
3. A summary of the authentic traditions of Muhammad by (Sahih) Muslim: 2 books
4. Life of the Prophet: oldest biography by Ibn Ishaq
5. Life of the Prophet: Tabari: 4 books
6. Life of the Prophet: Ibn Sa'd: 2 books
7. Shariah book called Umdat as-salik / Reliance of the Traveller of the Shafi'i school (1 of the 4 large schools of Islam recognized by the Al-Azhar university in Egypt). This is not an original source but it is how the Quran, the hadith and the biographies of the Muhammad are interpreted by Muslim scholars and are being turned into laws. This book is incredibly user-friendly and I use it to check my interpretation of the Quran and the Hadith.This Shariah book does not contain any surprises because it is consistent with the Quran and the Sahih Hadith.
After reading these books, I could no longer remain a Muslim. There is no greater insult to Muhammad as a prophet and for Islam as an ideology, than the Quran and the original sources of Islam: books written by Allah and Muslims for Muslims. That is why websites that criticise Islam advise everyone to study Islam from these original sources.What is written in these books is too crazy for words. Many practices that we consider as immoral in the 21st century have been permitted by Muhammad.

A: Only the Quran is Allah’s words and a guidance for mankind. The rest are works of humans……….. whether they were honest mistakes, or deliberate attempts to taint Islam, I do not know, and I shall not judge. But, personally, I can only accept the Quran as the final true revelation of Allah Almighty for my guidance and I find it sufficient enough.

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