Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Scientific accuracy in the Quran could have been dictated by a jinn?

Question: My opinion on this is that, no matter how hard we try to prove that Quran is the word of God because it foretold something that has been discovered only recently – we wont be able to cast away all doubts. For example, lets assume that Quran did tell us something about the world that has only been observed today. But couldn’t it be a mere guess by Muhammad (saw)? Or may be a jinn told him of something that humans did not know earlier etc. etc. I mean there are a thousand ways that a doubt can be cast in this kind of a proof.

Answer: Isn’t it strange that Quran seems to stand out as the only book which is free from scientific errors…. All other books(religious and else) seem to be riddled with mistakes, over-sights, and limited by human knowledge….. why would a ‘jinn’ author /dictate this only book, and then glorify Allah only?

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