Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Testament deity is very different

Question: I think the new testament deity is very different, the new testament covenant between god and man is very different, and we have clearly been informed of this, through the life of Christ. Our new covenant is based on Love not Law. The Ten Commandments telling us what not to do are replaced by the golden rule telling us what to do. The new testament god does not tell us to kill; he tells us to die and know that we shall never die.

Answer: God is one and has sent essentially the same message to all humans throughout time. The true religion is a beautiful combination of the Law and the Love…. The religion preached by the prophets throughout time……………… we humans tend to learn a part and ignore the rest, the fault lies with us, for being content with whatever little knowledge of religion we have and ignoring the vast body of wisdom around us.

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