Thursday, November 6, 2008

To spank/beat wives is not a crime?

Question: To spank/beat wives is not a crime?

Answer: I have been listening to a scholar who has had the privilege of growing up and studying in Medina in an extremely religious environment.
During tafseer, when we came across the ayat you have mentioned, he explained that ‘daraba’ has many shades of meanings, one of which is to separate. From this, he logically concludes that in the event the husband and wife have severe disagreements, they should be separated for a while so that they can assess their emotions in each other’s absence, and focus on what’s really important and valuable in their relationship.
Also, if we take the Sunnah of our dear Prophet (saw), he never hit any of his wives; when the rumour-mongers were spreading bad thoughts about Bibi Ayesha, he did not confront or hit her, he simply separated himself for a while, giving everybody time to think things over, and the truth to be revealed.
Islam means Peace, and Allah loves all his creations. Islam is a religion based on ‘nature and what’s natural’, in urdu we call it ‘fitrat pay’, thus, it cannot condone something which is so completely wrong.
Beating the wife, or anybody else for that matter, may be able to get submission, but will never be able to get love, respect and willing obedience, which is so crucial to a happy marriage. After all, Allah says in the Quran that he has made the institution of marriage so that we find peace and solace/tranquility(Surah Room Ayat 21, Arabic word:lay-ta-skunoo [root: sa ka na ] ). Love and mercy has been ordained.
Can’t happen if one half is wielding a baton!

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I agree totally. I also believe in this.