Monday, November 24, 2008

Books about Islam are mostly misleading?

Q: If one asks information about Islam to Muslims, they will give you a few innocent books to show how beautiful Islam is. These books are mostly misleading and even texts written by the "Centre for Islam in Europe", linked to the University of Gent (Belgium) are a twist of "real Islam" and a denial of the teachings of the four main Schools of Islam.

A: Islam is indeed beautiful. Real Islam is the message of Allah in the Quran, and the Prophet Muhammad’s sunnah, the living traditions of how he practically lived Islam….. his honesty, his compassion, his love for all, how he prayed and taught muslims how to pray, how he balanced between duties to Allah and duties towards family, community and state. The rest, including the ‘four schools’ you mention, are interpretations and applications by people, not the original revealed religion….. we can disagree with some, most or all of it, after all, that is why there are more than one schools, and that is why they are called schools of thought. Coming from a Christian background, you are familiar with numerous sects within the Christian faith….. following or not following a sect doesn’t make anybody any less a Christian or a Muslim, that is for Allah/God to judge………. All we can do is try and find the most correct and true path using all the intellect and resources at our disposal.

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